Roberta Kaplan MA, LPC
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Selecting a therapist is a very important step that needs your careful attention. Remember to trust your instincts during this process. If you are not sure the therapist "gets you", keep looking. There are many therapists with different training, backgrounds and personalities to choose from. Don't settle, find someone who works for you. As therapists, we are taught that the relationship is the most important element in therapy. I learned this is true. If you haven't been in therapy before you will soon find that the relationship is different from any other relationship. This is because the focus will always be on you and the issues you want to address. A therapist will listen, offer feedback and make suggestions to assist you with the changes you may need to make to achieve your goals. Your therapist is not there to criticize, judge or tell you what to do. The therapist will listen to what you have to say and call to your attention behaviors, thoughts or feelings that may be interfering with you achieving your goals. These are called "blind spots". As your therapist, my goal is to help you become aware of your"blind spots" and work through them to facilitate change.

While you can't change your personal history we can work together to minimize its negative influence on your life.  If you are looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or if you desire to make a change in your life, please consider contacting me.